Prelude to a Roadtrip

Well, it’s been a crazy month. I’ve been planning this roadtrip non-stop, recorded my EP, worked, celebrated my sister’s birthday and now the time is finally here. I’ve been packing non-stop for the past week and it’s been so hard making decisions on what to take and what to leave behind. On top of the fact that these hurricanes have altered my route, but not my plans. 

Right now, I’m feeling a bit emotional. I love traveling and I love being a nomad but sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. I have to keep reminding myself that this is something I need to do. I’ve been planning this trip since the death of my grandfather four years ago. Back then, I thought I needed to wait for the right person to come with me and plan it. But what’s the point in that? Every time I thought I was with the right person, things fell apart and this roadtrip became a distant dream. 

Tomorrow morning, it finally becomes real. Even with my aching back pain and driver’s knee and a cough that has just randomly decided to show up today, I am going. I will persevere even though it feels like my body is giving up on me right now. I don’t care. I’m more stubborn than my broken body. 

I can tell you right now that I already packed waaaaaayyyy too much stuff. My snack bag alone is obscene. Anyway, I’m gonna get back to resting while binge-watching BoJack Horseman. I better not forget my apples in the fridge tomorrow. 

See you in Salt Lake City!


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